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Up and Away (Take 3) Up and Away (Take 3)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I like this track... aside from it being overly long... it's a nice track... might I suggest trying to shorten it about 5 mins long or so... or maybe adding in a break from the repetition?
I only ask this cause after the 4-5 min area I was starting to get bored with the same melodies... even though they were decent... they still got boring...

You might want to level your sounds a bit... in my headphones (earbuds) the high pitch synth was quite overwhelming and I really didn't hear the beat when the synth was at it's fullest...
When played on my basic computer speakers the sound was fine... but still a bit much on the synth...
Finally, played on my production speakers... all seemed fine but the lack of depth in the kick drum..

That's all I have, I hope this helps.

madhousecreations responds:

Thank you for your review :) It was very helpful and I am working to try and better the track. I do agree, the track is a bit long winded. And am working to try and make amends to this. I have made slight amends to the kick and added low pass filters to the high pitched synths. The kick I have added a bit crusher, to add a little more depth. I have also lowered the volumes of some sounds, as I do agree they were very over powering. And to the point were deafening. I am now working on the arrangement of the track to try an shorten it.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

First off you should put this under TECHNO, not trance. Even placing this under Dance would have been more accurate. Here's a few reasons and tips for you....

1. there's no hypnotic sounding synth melodies, just randomized arp or 303 sounds.. maybe this should have been under Goa..
2. The beginning sounds like you took a chunk from one of Tiesto's songs... maybe Armin Van Buuren's... at any rate.. it was still detectable.
3. It almost sounded like you had a break beat song at certain points... Trance beats are typically "4 to the floor" style...

1. Listen to a few popular trance songs and study the sounds and layout.
2. Clean up the beat and make it more noticeable.. even listening through my production speakers it sounded like i was playing them through tin cans...
3. Make a "Main" synth line and build the song off that... if you take my advice in #1, you will see that most do this... not all, but most... the ones that don't build off the beat and bass line...

Here is a list of some true trance artists:
Armin Van Buuren
Swedish House Mafia (most songs)
ATB (older stuff)
Above & Beyond
Blank & Jones

Sorry I couldn't give a better rating, but I Hope this helps...

DB - As Dust DB - As Dust

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Soooo... I only gave you 3 stars cause the drums sound like they were added as a secondary measure... and they sound like they are computer generated. if they aren't, it may be the MP3 you uploaded has horrible bit rate... i dunno... but they don't sound like they work so well. (but I guess they were ok for fake drums)
I do however like the guitar... the solo was a nice touch too. =)

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